Passchendaele - Feedback     

July/August 2017  

Just a few of the hundreds of emails and messages we received following our Passchendaele interviews with the BBC.

I was so touched to see your diligent and loving hard work reported upon on the BBC News website"   from Jane 


"Just wanted to say what a fantastic job you are doing here - very inspiring - thank you "   Michael



Sheena wrote “…browsed through the stories, mostly with tears in my eyes.  What a wonderful tribute you have created to the brave men and boys from your corner of Derbyshire.”

From the Rev JM “ For many years I have stood in St Michael's church in Brimington at the remembrance service and heard each and every name read out. I always wished there was more information about the men, to give them their identity back. I'm so pleased you have done this work. Thank you” 

From Mr/Mrs P …..” I was moved to leave you a message after reading the BBC news article. You have done a wonderful job compiling all this information in remembrance of your local WW1 soldiers. Their stories have been told and you have done them proud. God bless them. RIP.”

From Carol W -  “I first came across your work via the exhibition at Brimington Community Centre but then I picked up the link to your website from the main BBC news webpage – what a fantastic job you have done with both your research and the website itself – credit due to you both. “  

Michael T wrote “Thank you for all your 'work' in dedication to those brave souls who made the ultimate sacrifice on our behalf, they must never be forgotten. 



"What you have done with your husband fills me with pride. Well done to both of you“    Peter 


“…saw you on the bbc website and just wanted to say what an amazing project your memorial research is” Rob


From Paul F “ Great to see you’ re finally getting recognition you both deserve for your hard work”

“Lovely to read the article about the Brimington lads on the BBC website. Our family are forever grateful for your efforts in uncovering information about George Symonds.”  From Katharine


“I have just read your column on BBC News, what a fitting tribute and it moved me, such a rewarding thing to do, well done to the both of you” From Christine                                                                                    


Not Forgotten Brimington   Not Forgotten Brimington

If you have any further information about Brimington’s soldiers or need help from us or would like to leave feedback please see contact us page for details



 Our Brimington Wreath
laid at the Memorial Gates on Remembrance Sunday
 14th Nov 2021

   Remembrance Sunday 2021

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