Brimington’s Sherwood Foresters

It is thought that over 300 Brimington men joined the Sherwood Foresters during the

 First World War


On the Brimington memorial  are the names of 40 Brimington Sherwoods who died .  But we have uncovered  many more from the village  who served and died but are not remembered on our memorial.  As well as a large number of Brimington Sherwoods who came home.



For a number of years before the start of the Great War many of Brimington’s young men were already part of the Derbyshire Volunteer army reserves.  They  trained at weekends or in the evenings and went away to a summer camp  at Clumber Park and Scarborough and others.


In 1908 a new Territorial Force (TF) replaced the volunteer reserves as a purely  home defence force and the Derbyshire Volunteers  transformed into the  6th Bn  Sherwood Foresters.   

In 1910/1911 the Government polled the TF units to see if  members  were willing to serve overseas in time of crisis.  And  many of Brimington’s young men accepted that commitment and signed up.


When war was declared they became part of the  46th Division which  was a Territorial Division based on the counties of Staffordshire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire and Leicestershire and had been the first complete Territorial division to land in France.



The Division  first saw combat early on.  Around Ypres when they were engaged at Hooge  in July 1915 - Private Norman Woolley and Private Fred Brown were killed during this engagement in August 1915. 

A few of Brimingtons Territorials

"Brimington Lads 1914" At Camp. This remarkable photo was sent to us by Anne Goss

These are just some of Brimington’s Sherwoods, photographed  (By H P Hansen, Ashbourne)  just

weeks before the outbreak of war.  It is almost certain that many of these young men would be killed.


We are in the process of trying to identify the men.  



10th Bn Sherwood Foresters ( photo supplied by Mr Peter Harrison)

10th Battalion


Not all Brimington’s Sherwoods served with the Territorial Force.   Many village men joined as volunteers throughout the first months of the war and  following conscription in1916  the Sherwood Foresters was the regiment of choice for many men from Brimington .


Private John Keeling from Cotterhill Lane in the village  joined  the 10th Bn Sherwoods in 1915. He was killed in action in August 1916, on the Somme.


Photograph -  Private Keeling is kneeling at the front - 2nd from the left.


Private John W Bradley,  Private Roland Goodwin,  Private Edward Simms also served and died with the 10th Bn.

2nd Battalion

Private Harry F Aust,  Private  Thomas Bradshaw &   Private  Alfred  W Herbert 

All 2nd Bn Sherwoods and part of the BEF. 

They the first men to be killed from Brimington in October 1914


9th Battalion

 Part of the terrible Gallipoli campaign in 915.  At the Somme in 1916 and at Passchendaele in 1917.  Brimington soldiers of the 9th Bn - Private Walter Barlow & L/Corp Henry Rodgers killed in action  and

Corporal Fred Greaves won his VC.






Sherwood Foresters Memorial, Crich, Derbyshire

Throughout the years of the Great War Brimington’s Sherwoods served not just on the Western Front but in Gallipoli , Middle East and in Dublin in 1916 during the Easter Rising.  And  they fought in some of the most notorious bloody battles of the war-   on the Ypres Salient,  at the Somme,  the battles for Arras and Vimy  Ridge.



In all - 11,409 Sherwood Foresters died in the Great War. 

11th Battalion

Saw action at the battle of Loos.   Opening day of the battle of the Somme on 1st July 1916 &  2nd  Ypres in 1917.


5 Brimington soldiers who served in the 11th battalion were killed.



12th Battalion

Took part in the Battle of Loos & from then onwards was engaged in most of  the major battles until the end of 1918.


Private A Malam  & Private R H Smith  - killed in action at Pozieres  March 1918



15th Battalion

Engaged at the  Somme in 1916 and suffered heavy casualties. In 1917 & 1918 they were  fighting around  Ypres  

 4 Brimington soldiers served and died in this battalion


16th Battalion

Prominent  role on the Somme & suffered huge  losses .  In 1917   at  Passchendaele.  


Private H Clarke  killed in action at Passchendaele in 1917.


Gommecourt Wood New Cemetery - this was the middle of No Mans Land in July 1916.The Sherwoods were heavily engaged in this area and paid a high price.
Not Forgotten Brimington    Not Forgotten Brimington  

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 Our Brimington Wreath
laid at the Memorial Gates on Remembrance Sunday
 14th Nov 2021

   Remembrance Sunday 2021

THE SOMME - 1916

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